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Film Info
Ma belle gosse

Film Information

Exhibition Title Ma belle gosse
English Title My Blue-eyed Girl
Director Shalimar Preuss
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 80'
  • Lou Aziosmanoff, Jocelyn Lagarrigue
  • F: Virginie Surdej
  • E: Gustavo Vasco
  • S: Olivier Touche
  • M: Vincent Segal
  • P: Emmanuel Chaumet
  • CP: Ecce Films
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Maden is a teenage girl spending the summer on an island with her family, from which she seems distanced except for her relationship with Vadin, a half-brother she gets along with. Maden seems to be in another galaxy far from family affairs: the young girl keeps an epistolary relationship with a prison inmate and spends her summer days reading his letters over and over, writing, and waiting for every new answer. Immersed in that romantic spirit, she deeply believes in that relationship and trusts this man despite she has never met him personally –that’s what she explains to her sisters when they found out about her letters.

With great sensitivity, the director builds a solid film out of multiple details and a profound observation of family bonds. The curious and thorough camera follows the characters as they carry on with actions that, however unimportant they seem, describe behaviors very well and slowly reveal family relations. Through an absolutely personal style and a sharp sense of observation, Shalimar Preuss brings us a film that, without being pretentious, stands as a great debut. VB

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