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La funeraria (Chubut)

Play Information

Original Title La funeraria (Chubut)
English Title The Funeral Home
Director Javier Margulis (Grupo de Teatro Independiente La Escalera)
Year 2010
Lenght 60 min


  • Carlos María Ríos, Maribel Bordenave, Gustavo Álvarez, Cecilia Veliz, Carolina Pérez, Santiago Lafosse


  • AUTORES DE LA OBRA: Martín Otero y Bernardo Cappa
  • COMPAÑÍA: La Escalera
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Javier Margulis
  • MÚSICA: Chupete’s, Chopin, Ezequiel Canosa
  • DISEÑO DE ILUMINACIÓN: Javier Margulis y La Escalera
  • DISEÑO DE SONIDO: Javier Margulis
  • DISEÑO DE ESCENOGRAFÍA: La Escalera, Javier Margulis y Nadia Krowicki
  • PRODUCCIÓN: La Escalera


Two brothers inherit their father’s funeral home, a hall in terrible conditions which smells and has seen better days and that hasn’t had any clients for some time. Suddenly, a corpse arrives. There are no adequate coffins for that size but the undertakers refuse to let that business pass and decide to chop the corpse up. Meanwhile, in the reception area, the widow and her daughter conceal a secret they are ashamed of: their father led a double life and died from AIDS. Said circumstances could be the town’s dearest gossip and therefore the women and the family counselor decide to head for that remote and dark funeral home in a hurry to get the corpse buried. As the play goes on anxiety intensifies at the pace of questions being asked to fill in standard forms and –specifically– the wake gets delayed and the coffin bearing the corpse does not appear. This brother undertakers’ strategy gets out of control, all the family members get involved in different moments and unusual situations occur in a comedy tone.


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