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Other Activitiesup

FIBA offers special activities running concurrently with the international and national program, such as talks and workshops, book presentations, the second Laboratory Workshop for secondary-level students of the City of Buenos Aires, and the exhibition by graphic designer Gonzalo Martínez. The Festival also supports two important events: Pina, Win Wender’s film about German choreographer Pina Bausch, and the exhibition by Spanish designer Isidro Ferrer of his works for productions staged at the Centro Dramático Nacional. Once again, in this eighth edition, the Festival will be offering, to local artists and the general public, an attractive array of workshops, talks and a master class, thus ensuring a space to explore stage creation in greater depth, to discover new searches and techniques, and to exchange words with creators. It is an opportunity to get closer to the great figures of this edition in a more personal and direct way. There are three alternatives: workshops in which artists work on specific topics and techniques with the participation of the attendees; a master class, in which the creator analyzes the central theme of his work; and informal talks, to take place at a specific time and place or after the show in the same room of performance. These are different options offered to interested participants to experience a different dimension of theater, dance and music, and to be in contact with the questions, challenges and aesthetics of the creators.

All the Talks, Book Presentations, the Master Class by Heiner Goebbels and the Exhibition “Obra Gráfica para Teatro” by Gonzalo Martínez are FREE ACTIVITIES.
Admission is subject to each venue’s capacity.


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