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Nicolás Ledesma Orquesta's biography

Nicolás Ledesma Orquesta

Piano and tango have a century-long relationship, consolidated by major figures: Orlando Goñi, Horacio Salgán, Osvaldo Pugliese and Mariano Mores, among many. La Pampa-born Nicolás Ledesma could easily be on that list. A student of Salgán, member of several ensembles and an essential part of Leopoldo Federico’s orchestra since 1992, Ledesma is a thoroughbred pianist of great refinement. He will perform with his orchestra at the Festival, playing classics and original pieces that will make up his next album. The ensemble is composed of Leonardo Ferreyra and César Rago (violins), Washington Williman (viola), Luciano Falcón (violoncello), Horacio Romo and Santiago Polimeni (bandoneons), Enrique Guerra (double bass) and Maria Viviana (vocals).


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