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La Orquesta de Osvaldo Berlingieri's biography

La Orquesta  de Osvaldo Berlingieri

A refreshing pianist, a tireless traveler, an inspired composer – Osvaldo Berlingieri has assembled a number of orchestras from an early age. Aníbal Troilo’s piano man for twelve years, co-founder of the Baffa-Berlingieri orchestra and of the Berlingieri-Federico-Cabarcos trio, he has always contributed to tango with an innovative perspective, from a refined and virtuosic style. This homage includes his return to the stage, at his 83 years of age, and a quartet performance with Horacio Romo (bandoneon), Pablo Agri (violin) and Daniel Falasca (double bass), who will be later accompanied by a string ensemble. The concert will feature his own new songs (“Chau, Bandoneón Mayor”) and pieces recorded in 1980, which have not been played live in decades.


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