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Biography / Synopsis

Mono Izaurralde presenta MonoAsociados's biography

Rubén “Mono” Izarrualde has been a major figure of Argentine popular music for decades. Since his participation in the groups Anacrusa and Músicos Populares Argentinos (MPA) and in the trio Vitale-Izarrualde-González (whose repertoire included tangos), this flutist and singer has approached different popular genres with talent and roots in tradition. Since 2011, he has been leading MonoAsociados, a trio with Matías Álvarez (piano) and Pablo Alessia (guitar), where there is room for tango. Through the works of brothers Virgilio and Homero Expósito (“Vete de mí”), Aníbal Troilo (“Romance de barrio”) and Francisco De Caro (“Flores negras”), among others, they essay a both romantic and classical view of the genre.


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