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Carla Algeri Quinteto's biography

Carla Algeri Quinteto

Bandoneonist, director and arranger Carla Algeri draws on influences from Osvaldo Pugliese, Rodolfo Mederos and Lucho Servidio, among others, from whom she received her tango training. To them and to other teachers, she will dedicate this performance, accompanied by Miguel Pereiro (piano), Rubén Jurado (viola), Cello Gómez (guitar), Emiliano Lorenzo (double bass) and Eduardo Pulis (vocals). Algeri has an extensive career in tango which includes the direction of the Tango Orchestra of the City of Medellín and her participation in the film El último bandoneón, by Alejandro Saderman. Also, she was proclaimed winner of the First Contest of Argentine Tango Orchestra Ensembles 2006.


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