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Canciones de hoy escritas mañana

Some years ago, a song posed a question, “What tango are we supposed to sing?” Two of the most representative lyricists of recent times, Alejandro Szwarcman and Raimundo Rosales, resolve the dilemma with a show in which they introduce and comment on their works, performed by singers Noelia Moncada and
Esteban Riera. Tangos by Szwarcman include “Pompeya no olvida,” “Ciudad de nadie” and “Milonga para Pablo.” On the other hand, Rosales has written some of his songs with Raúl Garello, Carmen Guzmán and Franco Luciani, notably “Fantasma de luna,” “Soy cantor” and “División de bienes.” Inspiring rigorous songs that have been a leading light in the renewal of tango poetry.



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