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Adriana Nano presenta Casualidades's biography

Adriana Nano presenta Casualidades

Educated in classical music, singer Adriana Nano has been treading the path of tango since the 1990s. A four-time Gardel Award nominee and two-time Latin Grammy Award nominee, she will premiere her seventh album titled Casualidades, which features several novelties. On the one hand, the singer has widened her tango, candombe, milonga and waltz repertoire to Argentine and Latin American folk music, by including other genres: litoraleña, ranchera, guajira, chacarera, zamba, huayno and escondido. On the other hand, Nano is, for the first time, the author and composer of all sixteen songs on her album. Gustavo Suárez (guitar), Fabricio Gatta (piano) and Raúl Cuadro (percussion) will perform as guest musicians.


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