06 mar 2010

About people and characters

De personas y personajes

Inside Panorama, the section “People and Characters” is presented with a diverse as well as attractive programming with 14 films that approach particular life stories and curious characters from little day to day epics. From the retrospective of the carrier of an extraordinary Hungarian soccer player (“Puskás Hungary” by Tamás Almási) to the crude testimony of Giuseppe Pelosi (photo), the Roman boy who was Pier Paolo Pasolini´s victimizer (“La notte quando é morto Pasolini” by Roberta Torre) and going through the dreams of two cariocan (from Rio de Janeiro) dancers close to the most important competition of their lives (“Only when I dance” by Beadie Finzi) and the intimate chronicle of a break-dance championship (“Turn it loose” by Alastair Siddons).

Tickets for this and other films of the “People and Characters” section are on sale from 8AM to 10PM at the House of Culture (Av. De Mayo 575), in the Hoyts Abasto cinema complex (Av. Corrientes 3247) and through the internet at .