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La Fille de nulle part

Film Information

Exhibition Title La Fille de nulle part
English Title The Girl from Nowhere
Director Jean-Claude Brisseau
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 92'
  • Virginie Legeay, Jean-Claude Brisseau
  • G: Jean-Claude Brisseau
  • F: David Chambille
  • E: Maria-Luisa Garcia
  • S: Mélissa Petitjean
  • CP: La Sorcière Rouge
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A young woman is rescued by a math professor after being attacked by a presumably unknown man. That’s how the young woman gets to enter into the apartment of this old retired professor (Jean-Claude Brisseau himself), from where she will almost never leave for the rest of the film, to help him with his research on the origins of the Bible and our connection with the unknown and the irrational. La Fille de nulle part holds many other films inside, starting with Brisseau’s previous ones (Choses secrètes, Les anges exterminateurs) of which one might say this is a prolongation. It also includes every film shot in the apartments of their directors, although in that case the references are not so much Jean-Claude Rousseau or Jafar Panahi but Visitors’ Giulio Questi and, on a separate level, The Woman in the Window’s Fritz Lang and La chambre verte’s François Truffaut. Yes, La Fille de nulle part is a film about ghosts and, especially, about what hides behind the mirror. JP


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