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Film Info
El pasito de onda

Film Information

Exhibition Title El pasito de onda
English Title The Step
Director Guillermina Pico
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 10'
  • Miel Bargman, Guillermina Pico
  • G: Guillermina Pico
  • F: Fernando Lockett
  • E: Guillermina Pico
  • DA: Chiara Ghio
  • S: Javier Farina
  • M: Julián Aznar
  • P: Guillermina Pico, Federico Eibuszyc
  • PE: Cecilia Barrionuevo
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She works nights, when most people are asleep. As she listens to trendy music, she practices over and over again the words she means to say to her family so she can jump out to the world that, she senses, is vibrating outside.

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