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Materia oscura

Film Information

Exhibition Title Materia oscura
English Title Dark Matter
Directors Massimo D’Anolfi
Martina Parenti
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 80'
  • G, E, P: Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti
  • F: Massimo D’Anolfi
  • S: Martina Parenti
  • M: Massimo Mariani
  • CP: Montmorency Film
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Somewhere in Sardinia that could well be an attractive touristic destination, between the blue sea and the mountains, you can see a group of buildings deep on the high-ground. Military tests are commanded from there: flying missiles, explosions, and diverse experiments are conducted regularly in that place. Other tests are conducted inside, like one that develops with cold instrumental cruelty on a mouse. Near this military area there are farmers, animals, and other life forms that have been affected for years, not just because of the ammunition and diverse weapon wastes: the ground is contaminated, and the consequences are permanent. Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti determinately expose the place, the archives of evidence, and the limits set by authorities. With no interviews whatsoever, they let us hear the words of the people in charge of the military tests. And they also show us the life of the farmers, and their suffering. A relentless film, Dark Matter displays its argument in a solid way, without the need to go into lots of explanations: what it shows is sufficiently clear and disturbing. JPF

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