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The Shine of Day

Film Information

Exhibition Title The Shine of Day
Original Title Der Glanz des Tages
Directors Tizza Covi
Rainer Frimmel
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 90'
  • Walter Saabel, Philipp Hochmair, Vitali Leonti
  • F: Rainer Frimmel
  • E: Tizza Covi, Emily Artman
  • S: Manuel Grandpierre
  • P: Rainer Frimmel
  • CP: Vento Film
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Successful stage actor Phillip Hochmair’s routine gives a turn when he receives the unexpected visit of his uncle Walter, a circus artist who lives a life without boundaries. Several generational tensions will emerge between them, structuring this story, in which issues like social exclusion, unemployment, and expatriation are addressed with a plausible frontal approach. Covi and Frimmel portray a context that is free of the technological interferences of the digital age, driving the connections with Herzog’s cinema to go beyond the reference to Woyzek (1979). They also seem to deliver themselves to millenary arts (theater, literature) as a salvation board in a growingly inhabitable world where selflessly helping another and protecting childhood is probably the only thing that makes sense. Relying on Godard’s motto about cinema being the truth at 24 frames per second, the film goes on connecting unpredictable situations and dialogues as brilliant as the light of day. ADC

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