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Joven y alocada

Film Information

Exhibition Title Joven y alocada
English Title Young & Wild
Director Marialy Rivas
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 92'
  • Alicia Rodríguez, María Gracia Omegna, Felipe Pinto,
  • Aline Kuppeinheim, Ingrid Isensee
  • G: Marialy Rivas, Camila Gutiérrez, Pedro Peirano, Sebastián Sepúlveda, María José Viera Gallo
  • F: Sergio Armstrong
  • E: Andrea Chignoli
  • DA: Polin Garbisu
  • S: Roberto Espinoza
  • P: Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín
  • PE: Juan Ignacio Correa, Mariane Hartard
  • CP: Fabula
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There are lots of blogs regarding, concerning, and featuring sex. There are also lots of films about teenagers. However, there aren’t that many which dive so confidently into a combination of both themes. It goes sort of like this: Daniela is a seventeen year-old teenager who grew up in an evangelist family in Santiago de Chile. She’s seventeen and is in a sexual boiling point, which doesn’t go well with the precepts of her household religion. But through her blog, Daniela becomes a star of online teenage horniness. Horny links. Explicit images. This is a collage film with a narrative that is shaped as an –always– intimate journal and features typically adolescent intermittences and ups-and-downs. A fresh first film that is, yes, young and wild (if you pardon the obviousness). And, also, this is a film that depicts an arm-wrestling match between different views of the world within a family (of the world of sex, mostly, which is pretty much the whole “world” for an obsessed teenager). That’s the reason why, in church, Daniela asks: “God, don’t let my mom type in jovenyalocada.blogspot.com!” Based on true events (and blogs). JPF


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