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La toma

Film Information

Exhibition Title La toma
English Title The Occupation
Director Sandra Gugliotta
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 68'
  • Enrique Vázquez, Melisa Ortega, Mariana De La Fuente, Roberta Mazzoletti, Sol Cutuli Monsalve
  • G: Víctor Cruz, Sandra Gugliotta
  • F: Diego Poleri, José María Gómez
  • E: Juan Pablo Di Bitonto
  • S: Martín Codini
  • M: Sebastián Escofet, Mamushkas
  • P: Víctor Cruz
  • PE: Víctor Cruz
  • CP: 16M.films
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We welcome this picture since it fulfills one of today’s film mandates: seeing, hearing and transmitting without hysteria a story we only know about from biased headlines and grotesque statements by TV presenters. Sandra Gugliotta slips inside the classrooms of the Nicolás Avellaneda high school in the Palermo neighborhood. The snippets from that story we get from the media tend to be in black and white, with heroes and villains, and what Gugliotta’s film shows is the way in which –with virtues and mistakes– everybody is in search of the same thing, which is a better education in better conditions. Naturally, it’s not an idyllic story what it’s being told here, because there are conditions (“a state, a special situation someone or something is involved in”) that make it very hard to study, and there are also conditions (“aptitude or disposition”) in front of which it’s also very complicated to maintain any kind of dialogue. But, in the state of general tension we’re in, the fact that we’re witnesses to these dialogues at least gives us hope. MP

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