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El crítico

Film Information

Exhibition Title El crítico
English Title The Critic
Director Hernán Guerschuny
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 98'
  • Rafael Spregelburd, Dolores Fonzi, Ignacio Rogers, Telma Crisanti, Ana Katz
  • G: Hernán Guerschuny
  • F: Marcelo Lavintman
  • E: Agustín Rolandelli
  • DA: María Eugenia Sueiro
  • S: Emiliano Biaiñ, Jésica Suárez
  • M: Juan Blas Caballero
  • P: Pablo Udenio, Hernán Guerschuny, Hugo Castro-Fau, Carolina Álvarez, Carlos Nuñez, Gabriela Sandoval
  • PE: Pablo Udenio / CP: HC Films, Lagarto Cine, Storyboard Media
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This is the sharp and bittersweet story of a moment in the life of film critic Víctor Téllez (Rafael Spregelburd) in which the debate about how bad is the movie he just saw –with the same old bar as a background and together with a group of colleagues that looks like they were from an improbable version of The Big Bang Theory written by José Pablo Feinmann– is left aside so his cracked heart starts to experiment another kind of beat. “Shit. I’m stuck in a romantic comedy”, says Téllez, and that’s exactly what happens: he meets a woman (Dolores Fonzi), who not only bursts into his life like a hurricane but also drags him to live in the quintessential malignant film genre. In his directorial debut, film critic Hernán Guerschuny proves he knows a great deal about these two genres, multi-colored comedy, and gray film criticism, and he ventures with a straight-on romantic story that is both familiar and atypical, bold and sentimental. MP

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