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Moon Man

Film Information

Exhibition Title Moon Man
Director Stephan Schesch
Year 2012
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 95'
  • Tomi Ungerer, Katharina Talbach, Michael McElhatton,
  • Pat Laffan, Paul McLoone
  • G: Stephan Schesch
  • E: Sarah Clara Weber
  • S: David Ziegler
  • M: Louis Armstrong, Neu!, Klaus Waldeck, Jun Miyake, Alex Stolze
  • P: Stephan Schesch, Jean Labadie, Paul Young, Ross Murray
  • CP: Schesch Filmkreation, Le Pacte, Cartoon Saloon
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Moon Man could be regarded as a re-version of E.T.: the moon man in the title climbs onto a comet, falls down on Earth, and starts his ascent to the stratosphere from the depths of his ignorance regarding humans and their ways (yet he states: “I have to get back to the moon for the kids”). But the distance between Spielberg’s classic and Stephan Schesch is enormous. Schesch embraces the dry but powerful inventiveness of the 1966 original story by Tomi Ungerer (whom the director had already adapted). Visually, the film is a storybook; with hand-drawn images and using the protagonist’s senseless spirit (a caricature that is entirely made with a moon-white color that contrasts with everything), Schesch creates the home-made energy of a bedtime story. Not for nothing, the instant when “Moon River” sounds defines the movie’s love for its own universe. Moon Man is actually that pleasant and subtly hypnotic; and its narrative style doesn’t need Spielberg-like sharp turns: it simply trusts the playful capacity of its own glow, its origins, and those who are able to see a film in the same way they listen to a story. JMD


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