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El universo de Escher

Film Information

Exhibition Title El universo de Escher
Directors Ernesto Páramo
Roberto Girón
Year 2012
Format Fulldome 4 K
Colour Color
Duration 26'
  • Charo Bazo, Julio López
  • D: Roberto Girón, Ernesto Páramo
  • G: Roberto Sánchez, Vicente López, Manuel Roca
  • F: Roberto Girón, Gonzalo Fuentes, José Javier Pérez, Antonio Navarro
  • E: Gonzalo Fuentes
  • DA: Roberto Girón
  • S: Henry Vincent Kneuer
  • M: Henry Vincent Kneuer
  • P: Cristina Aso, Laura Alonso / PE: Manuel Roca, Roberto Sánchez
  • CP: Parque de las Ciencias de Granada, Producciones El Exilio
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The art of Maurits Cornelis Escher, or simply M.C. Escher, experimented with the ways of representing paradoxical spaces. Out of his studio and through his works, Escher’s Universe transports us to that particular and astonishing universe where the Dutch artist’s masterful ability connects art and science together. Tridimensional reconstructions, dual worlds, unreal edifications, and impossible continuities reveal his tireless search for knowledge and beauty.

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