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Film Info
The Punk Syndrome

Film Information

Exhibition Title The Punk Syndrome
Original Title Kovasikajuttu
Directors Jukka Kärkkäinen
J-P Passi
Year 2012
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 85'
  • G: Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi
  • F: J-P Passi
  • E: Riitta Poikselkä
  • P: Carsten Aanonsen, Magnus Gertten, Sami Jahnukainen, Joakim Strand, Lennart Ström
  • PE: Mouka Filmi
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“The film speaks about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät… so it’s about a retard who sings punk and three retards who play punk.” The definition, more than just politically incorrect, was given by Kari, the singer of a Finnish band with a name that means something like “Pertti Kurikan’s Name Day”. This Pertti guy, a guitarist and the oldest member of the group, is in charge of translating his most intimate journals into lyrics that echo the rawest punk tradition and scream against everything and everyone: government and the powers to be, life with the band, his own limitations (“Pertti has a speech defect / He can’t throw a disco party / Pertti has cerebral palsy / He can’t throw a disco party”), and even his pedicure. The Punk Syndrome captures the backstage, the shows, and the everyday life of these Finnish not-so-Fab Four, with enough natural manner, comedy and emotion to stay safely away from a condescending view or anything other than a huge love for humanity in general, and for punk rock in particular. AM

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