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Whose reality?

Film Information

Exhibition Title Whose reality?
Director Directores Varios (Vanguardia austríaca - Whose reality?)
Year 2013
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 73'

  • 6/64 Mama und Papa 1964. 4’ / 16mm / Color
  • Body Trail 2008. 8’ / DM / B&N
  • Forst 2005. 50’ / DM / Color
  • Somewhere, Late Afternoon 2007. 11’ / DM / Color
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These four ‘choreographed’ documentaries play out in the interstices between inside and outside, public and private, visible and invisible, being in control and out of control, and they explore different aspects of the political arena. From a performance to an essay on the status of refugees and illegal immigrants in Fortress Europe, surveillance, public spaces and hyper-real public housing are questioned and traditional family models are undermined.

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