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Visiting our neighbours

Film Information

Exhibition Title Visiting our neighbours
Director Directores Varios (Vanguardia austríaca - Visiting our neighbours)
Year 2013
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 99'

  • On Those Evenings. An diesen Abenden 1952. 23’ / Betacam / B&N
  • Pool 1990. 4’ / 16mm / Color
  • Sun Stop! Sonne halt! 1959-1960. 25’ / 35mm / B&N
  • Key West 2002. 5’ / DM / B&N
  • Film ist. 9 - Eroberung 2002. 18’ / 35mm / B&N
  • Passages. Passagen 1996. 11’ / 35mm / Color
  • Our Trip to Africa. Unsere Afrikareise 1961-1966. 13’ / 16mm / Color
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Small or isolated countries have always had a disproportionate interest in the world surrounding them. The key issue in these works is analyzing the observation of “exotic” images, editing and re-editing material of the past and present. Fictional and documentary approaches and reconstructed found footage question social interactions within a 1950s farming community, moral and visual colonialism, the view of foreignness and a collective experience with migrants and refugees. Formally, they function by transposing sounds and images, and aesthetically through the displacement of communities and individuals.

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