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Beatriz Portinari. Un documental sobre Aurora Venturini

Film Information

Exhibition Title Beatriz Portinari. Un documental sobre Aurora Venturini
English Title Beatriz Portinari. A Documentary on Aurora Venturini
Directors Agustina Massa
Fernando Krapp
Year 2013
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 76'
  • Aurora Venturini, María Laura Fernández Berro, Carlos Alberto Mancuso, Haydée Bambilli, Elba Alcaraz de Porro
  • G, P: Agustina Massa, Fernando Krapp
  • F: Manuel Abramovich
  • E: Pedro Barandiaran
  • DA: Nadia Martínez
  • S: Natalia Toussaint
  • CP: Ponchocine, Periplofilms
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Beatriz Portinari is not just the name of Dante Alighieri’s inspiring muse, but also the pseudonym Aurora Venturini used when she submitted a novel in the New Novel contest organized by Página 12 newspaper –which she won with her work Las primas in 2007. A cunning, vital, and mysterious woman with a strong character and bright lucidity, this woman who never stopped writing in 91 years lived a life deeply connected to literature and the history of 20th century: she met, befriended, and worked with Eva Perón in a child-care center; met Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre in Paris; and received an award from Jorge Luis Borges, among many other things. To those who don’t know Aurora Venturini, this documentary (from which its own directors were kicked out of) is a good entry door to her universe and her work. To her fans, this will undoubtedly be a good chance to reunite with this wonderful character. VB

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