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Habi, la extranjera

Film Information

Exhibition Title Habi, la extranjera
English Title Habi, the Foreigner
Director María Florencia Álvarez
Year 2013
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 92'
  • Martina Juncadella, Martín Slipak, María Luisa Mendonça, Lucía Alfonsín
  • G: María Florencia Álvarez
  • F: Julián Apezteguía
  • E: Eliane D. Katz
  • DA: Graciela Galán
  • S: Catriel Vildosola
  • M: Santiago Pedroncini
  • P: Lita Stantic, Hugo Sigman, Walter Salles
  • PE: Paula Zyngierman, Matías Mosteirín
  • CP: Lita Stantic Producciones, K&S Films, Videofilmes Produçoes Artisticas
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The main character in María Florencia Álvarez’s first film –following several short films that were very well received in different editions of the Festival– is a young woman (the great Martina Juncadella) who travels from somewhere in the interior of the country to Buenos Aires, sent by her family to deliver some handicrafts. While doing so she’s faced with a new world: the Muslim one. Suddenly, she sees herself engaged in a series of rituals that are absolutely strange to her and –maybe for that same reason– fascinating. The new objects she acquires and the practices she adopts turn her into someone different, and she herself chooses the name Habi as a way to reinforce her new identity. She’s now independent, employed, and taking Arab classes, when she falls in love with a charming young man (Martín Slipak). But the ground of romance is precisely where her new identity will come in conflict and her whole construction will crumble down. Habi…is a remarkable initiation film in which the director takes her protagonist to some absolutely estranged situations that articulate a deep and sensitive reflection on identity as a social construct. VB

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