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La Paz

Film Information

Exhibition Title La Paz
Director Santiago Loza
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 73'
  • Lisandro Rodríguez, Andrea Strenitz, Fidelia Batallanos Michel, Ricardo Félix, Beatriz Bernabé
  • G: Santiago Loza
  • F: Iván Fund
  • E: Valeria Otheguy, Lorena Moriconi
  • DA: Adrián Suárez
  • S: Leandro de Loredo
  • M: Javier Ntaca
  • P: Iván Eibuszyc, Santiago Loza
  • PE: Iván Eibuszyc
  • CP: Frutacine, Morocha Films, Tres Sonido, Alta Definición Argentina
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A luminous chamber-drama. That could be La Paz’s genre, and Santiago Loza’s film once again shows precision and empathy, only in higher dosages than ever before. The story features a damaged young man we will initially see as he comes out of some sort of hospitalization, and whom we later meet as he searches for “La Paz”, in a path in which Loza imposes us with the roles of companions and there’s no room for complaining about it. Our “broken man” is the son of a bourgeois family from the provinces. He seems to have been pampered to the verge of asphyxia, and the ritualization of class doesn’t appear to be the best way to achieve any peace at all. That’s the core of Loza’s good decision: to show with no anger the dark side of comfort and the asphyxia of attachment. To pin-point the ceremonies and its ballasts, the emptiness of an everyday life you have to somehow fill-up. But La Paz’s tone is its true triumph: it’s something related to patience, a rare feature in both cinema and life. MP


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