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FIBA was born in 1997 as a showcase for the most outstanding expressions of the contemporary performing arts. Local and overseas shows have enjoyed a privileged place at this festival that soon established itself as one of the most important in Latin America.

Every two years this event concentrates the artistic diversity expressed in the new aesthetic quests and the current trends in theatre, dance, visual and sound arts, etc.

Buenos Aires welcomed the great innovators of the theatre and dance scenes for the pleasure of local artists, who had the opportunity to reflect on their own performance, and the general public, who got to appreciate works of the highest quality.

In addition to the international programme, FIBA offered a varied selection of local shows which later made their way into the international scene.

From the very beginning FIBA became a resounding success with sold out tickets for almost all its activities, reinforcing the status of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires as one of the world’s capitals with the highest theatre activity. In every edition of FIBA we challenge ourselves to keep dazzling the audience and the local artists in order to improve the quality of our performing creations.