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Film info: Fleurs du mal

Film Information

Original Title Fleurs du mal
English Title Flowers of Evil
Director David Dusa
Year 2010
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 98 min
  • Rachid Youcef, Alice Belaidi.
  • Guión: David Dusa, Raphaëlle Maes, Louise Molière, Mike Sens
  • Fotografía: Armin Franzen
  • Montaje: Yannick Coutheron, Nicolas Houver
  • Producción: Emilie Blezat


Gecko is a Parisian kid who practices a sort of hyper-stylized parkour as a way to deal with urban chaos. He occasionally wears a bell boy suit to earn some money and, in his words, “spend it all on travels and internet”. Anahita (or Miss Dalloway, if we respect her virtual identity) is an Iranian girl who’s visiting Paris; but her trip is more the likes of an exile rather than a touristic or student tour, according to the Skype conversations with her mother and the footage she watches compulsively on You Tube about repression in her country. With a quiet appearance but without lacking some bursts of narration, Dusa’s first film tells the simple story of Gecko and Anahita, of how they meet and, even if it sounds cliché, of how their love is capable of taking the complicated world around them and reduce it to an insignificant size.


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