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Film info: A Simple Rhythm

Film Information

Original Title A Simple Rhythm
English Title A Simple Rhythm
Director Tess Girard
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 52 min
  • Charles Spearin, Steven H. Strogatz, Roger Nelson, Caroline Palmer, Menaka Ponnambalam
  • Guión: Tess Girard, Ryan J. Noth
  • Fotografía: Tess Girard
  • Montaje: Ryan J. Noth
  • Producción: Tess Girard


No matter how obvious it might seem at first, this film about rhythm and its importance in human life starts with a close-up on two out-of-synch metronomes. And even when that shot gets reformulated at the end of the film –its true purpose explained–, the truth is that this sort of terribly literal start works as a gateway into an atypical and abstract universe, where documentary research gets mixed with a near experimental essayist tone. A Simple Rhythm takes off from that foggy and somewhat chaotic territory commanded by Canadian filmmaker Tess Girard –and featuring experts in several disciplines, from mathematicians to musicians and nurses– and flies over an object that’s as interesting and complex as evasive; one that carries an invisibility that turns it into an inevitable presence. Rhythm is everywhere: from the hypnotic twirl of milk being poured into a cup of coffee, to rain drops hitting on the pavement.

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