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Film info: 31 minutos, la película

Film Information

Original Title 31 minutos, la película
English Title 31 Minutes, the Movie
Director Álvaro Díaz & Pedro Peirano
Year 2006
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 87 min
  • Pedro Peirano, Álvaro Díaz, Rodrigo Salinas, Patricio Díaz, Catalina Saavedra
  • Guión: Pedro Peirano, Álvaro Díaz, Daniel Castro, Rodrigo Salinas
  • Fotgrafía: Miguel I. Littin
  • Montaje: Galut Alarcón, Felipe Lacerda
  • Producción: Juan Manuel Egaña


You could quote Kermit the Frog and say it’s not easy being a rag doll with buttons instead of eyes. It’s the same burden suffered by the characters in 31 minutes, the TV show that became a classic for a whole generation of Chilean kids thanks to that endless source of energy that bursts out of childhood imagination, and also to a healthy part of enjoyable absurdity, evilness, and impoliteness. The parody of the “news show” format that used to structure the show breaks off when it gets turned into cinema, and leaves room for a bigger story in which the lead characters set course towards an island worthy of Dr. Moreau’s. That’s where good old Juanín Juan Harry, a suffering assistant to the news’ unbearable star anchor Tulio Triviño, will end up carrying his white rags. And we better not tell you more; except that he’s followed in this Gilligan-like big production that took two years in the making by a hoard of indescribable characters with names like Raúl Guantecillo, Bongo Stingo, Balón Von Bola, Rosario Central and Cachirula de los Cachirulos. Enough said.


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