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Film info: Détective

Film Information

Original Title Détective
English Title Detective
Director Jean-Luc Godard
Year 1985
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 95 min
  • Laurent Terzieff, Aurelie Doazan, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Nathalie Baye, Claude Brasseur
  • Guión: Alain Sarde, Philippe Setbon
  • Fotografía: Bruno Nuytten, Pierre Novion, Louis Bihi
  • Montaje: Marilyne Dubreuil
  • Producción: Alain Sarde, Christine Gozlan


A luxurious palace hotel; Jean-Pierre Léaud’s shrewd pantomime; false detectives after an elusive crime; boxers constantly wearing shorts and fixed fights; a decaying couple putting pressure on a debt-drowned manager; the mafia and the princess of Bahamas; the stone, feline features of a mature Johnny Halliday; a very, very young Julie Delpy; hallway intrigues and desperate love; teenager tits. And the world outside the hotel only existing through the film’s baroque soundtrack, which is as much as, or even more, narrative-driven than the dazzling series of shots featuring pool balls, chandeliers with thousand light bulbs, and reflecting surfaces which the editing equals to opaque faces, speeches learned and repeated that may seem false to the spectator, but never to the characters. Truth only exists on books that circulate like temporary bibles. Flashes that echo the film noir genre, but making it seem distant and obsolete. A multiple intrigue that moves forward with the rhythm of a thriller but it may very well change to a different direction. Very few times has Godard made such an intriguing or –in other words– beautiful film.


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