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Film info: Quality Control

Film Information

Original Title Quality Control
English Title Quality Control
Director Kevin Jerome Everson
Year 2011
Format DV Cam
Colour B&W
Duration 71 min
  • Annette Speight, Shay Wright.
  • Guión: Kevin Jerome Everson
  • Fotografía: Kevin Jerome Everson
  • Montaje: Kevin Jerome Everson
  • Producción: Kevin Jerome Everson, Madeleine Molyneaux


Kevin Jerome Everson’s huge body of work recurrently addresses the work environment of African Americans, both the historical (many of his short films make an intensive use of found footage) and the contemporary one. Quality Control features a new immersion into that universe through the obsessive recording of everyday routine in a drycleaner’s store in Alabama. They fold, iron, and hang over and over again. Men and women’s mechanical movements form a choreography of capitalist alienation that takes concrete working conditions –heat, noisy machines, scarce breaks, barely audible conversations– ad turns them into something tangible –and yet they also make them abstract, as if they belonged to a different time and world. Shooting in 16mm black and white featuring long fixed shots and showing the film’s own shooting process (the imperfection in the celluloid and the trembling of the camera are there on plain sight), Everson ratifies his unique eye, which is extraordinarily aware of revelatory details, as well as capable of finding a strange plastic beauty in the most unexpected places.

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