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Film info: Good Morning to the World!!

Film Information

Original Title Good Morning to the World!!
English Title Good Morning to the World!!
Director Satoru Hirohara
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 81 min
  • Yoichiro Koizumi, Miho Arai, Mitsunori Izumi, Namiko Morimoto
  • Guión: Satoru Hirohara
  • Fotografía: Hirotatsu Koarai, Satoru Hirohara
  • Montaje: Satoru Hirohara
  • Producción: Satoru Hirohara


At age 23, this Japanese filmmaker released a full length film that caught the attention of the international press before he even got to finish film school (a similar case to the one of Yellow Kid, another Japanese debut film screened in Bafici 2010). A fan of the contemplative and minimalist cinema of Nobuhiro Suwa –a growingly influential figure for the new generation– Hirohara used a friend’s real experience to tell a coming of age story with great technical and narrative skills. Yuta, the film’s teenage protagonist, lives with his mother, although since she travels all the time he actually lives pretty much alone. One of his distractions is watching a homeless man who lives in the road tunnel he must cross everyday on his way to school. When the man is found dead, Yuta sets to the task of finding the man’s family with nothing to start from but the few objects the victim had on with him. This modest adventure will take him off his somewhat morbid loneliness and drag him to that uphill territory called adulthood.

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