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Film info: brilliantlove

Film Information

Original Title brilliantlove
English Title brilliantlove
Director Ashley Horner
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 97 min
  • Liam Browne, Nancy Trotter Landry, Michael Hodgson
  • Guión: Sean Conway
  • Fotografía: Simon Tindall
  • Montaje: Ben Wilson
  • Producción: Ashley Horner, Karl Liegis


Noon and Manchester live an almost bucolic present, with bursting vitality on each one of their sexual encounters. These are unlimited and free even when their enclosed in a suburban garage, which nevertheless gives them enough room to develop all their youthful passion. Noon is also a taxidermist, and Manchester compulsively takes pictures to document their heated sexuality. They live in a hedonist world with no pressures. With no shame, but without reaching a hardcore tone either, Ashley Horner presents a film about naked love that shines in all of its physical dimension, but can also get darkened when other interests interfere with intimacy. Can passion be negotiated? Does the art world stand for pornography? These questions trigger the conflict between the main characters, but also put sex and desire into circulation beyond the limits of their bed and the pleasure principle. The result is a new perspective on the conflicts surrounding exhibitionism, a real contemporary problem.

Date and Times

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