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Film info: Parto

Film Information

Original Title Parto
English Title Delivery
Director António Borges Correia
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Olegário Gonçalves, Raúl Sá e Sousa, Carlos Xavier Dias, Preciosa Esteves
  • Guión: António Borges Correia, José Pinto Carneiro
  • Fotografía: Miguel Robalo
  • Montaje: Nuno Bouça
  • Producción: Fernando Centeio


A man dies in the hidden valley of Peneda, between the mountains of Northeastern Portugal. Someone needs to go look for him and bury his body. Funeral parlor owner Olegario gets on his truck with Carlos and Raúl and drive uphill to deal with the transportation of the casket and the arrangements for both the wake and the burial. The company’s service works also as a narrative tool for a curious ride through small towns, in which time –if anyone could actually define it as an entity– seems to manifest in many forms, nuances, and mysterious pleats. Every town offers encounters; every encounter springs conversations; and every dialog reveals events that deserve to be told, such as objects people observe, or the landscapes uncovered by the game the sun and the clouds play against each other while filling –either by their flow or their blunt presence– the spaces that lie between the roads, between people, and between life and death.

Date and Times

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