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Film info: Peter Weibel - My Life

Film Information

Original Title Peter Weibel - My Life
English Title Peter Weibel - My Life
Director Marco Wilms
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 52 min
  • Guión: Marco Wilms
  • Fotografía: Marco Wilms, Lutz Reitemeier
  • Montaje: Andreas Radtke
  • Producción: Marlen Burghardt, Marco Wilms


A philosopher, mathematician, art curator, author of hundreds of books (and a reader of thousands), rockstar, professor in many universities, and head of the multi-millionaire art centre ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany: the simultaneous lives of Peter Weibel are so many they can only fit inside his own “pluriverse”. At age 66, the living legend from that blasphemous and violent avant-garde known as Viennese Actionism is still as active, or even more, than usual. And Wilms tries to follow his pace through Europe while Weibel presents exhibitions, remembers his difficult childhood, gives conferences, meets old colleagues, shows his films (including some incredible footage from his Actionism years), receives awards, looks for art pieces, shows his house (with mountains of books everywhere, even on the kitchen’s worktop), etc, etc. As he himself says, “a single lifetime is not enough”.

Date and Times

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