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Film info: Montando al Zorro

Film Information

Original Title Montando al Zorro
English Title Riding the Zorro
Director Juan Ignacio Domínguez
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 78 min
  • Guión: Juan Ignacio Domínguez
  • Fotografía: Raúl Fernández
  • Montaje: Tomás D'Antonio
  • Producción: Juan Ignacio Domínguez


Back in the late 1970s in the area of Tres Arroyos –south of the Buenos Aires province– a legend about a horse was forged and many still remember as untamable. El Zorro –that’s how they named it– gave out a tricky feeling of tameness that was instantly interrupted when someone tried to put a saddle on its back. Men trying to ride him ended up flying trough the air in just a few seconds, first in informal rides in local ranches, and later in prestigious tournaments with real champions. La Plata born Juan Domínguez –raised in Micaela Cascallares, just like the horse– gathered a good amount of testimonies from that time in the most diverse formats, and he combined them with the stories about the ridings by horsemen and witness back from that time. Domínguez doesn’t hesitate to “intervene” with the material whenever he finds it necessary, but that doesn’t take the value out of this documentary, it actually adds emotion and suspense to it. And so, he manages to turn Zorro into a real character, and the film into a fine way of keeping a legend alive.

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