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Film info: Highway World - Living, Changing, Growing

Film Information

Original Title Highway World - Living, Changing, Growing
English Title Highway World - Living, Changing, Growing
Director Martin Hans Schmitt
Year 2007
Format Digibeta
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 81 min
  • Guión: Martin Hans Schmitt
  • Fotografía: Martin Hans Schmitt
  • Montaje: Martin Hans Schmitt
  • Producción: Martin Hans Schmitt


The most impressive thing about Highway World –a film about highways its own director defined as a “visual concert”– is not the endless amount of archive footage from which it extracts images in order to tell its story (63 hours and close to 1700 photos, according to official data). Nor is the film’s editing process, which articulates dissimilar and even opposed elements following a concrete and superficial principle of graphic association. No, the more captivating thing in Martin Hans Schmitt‘s essay –even when it does hold a certain connection with all of the above– is related to something much more distant and intangible: a feeling of hypnotic trance. Because in its final bet on a purely contemplative view with no trace of verbal arguments, the path of Highway World ends up being very similar to the one of its object of study: an undisturbed asphalt line that is made of infinite independent particles and yet connects the ends of any path.

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