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Film info: El silencio del puente

Film Information

Original Title El silencio del puente
English Title The Silence of the Bridge
Director Eduardo Schellemberg
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 96 min
  • G: Eduardo Schellemberg
  • F: Augusto Tejada, Gastón Reyes
  • E: Gonzalo Krikorian, Lucas Castagna
  • P: Eduardo Schellemberg


The San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge connects Posadas, in Argentina, with Encarnación, in Paraguay. At the time of its opening in April 1990, the official word was that the bridge realized the dream of unity between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. But the place ended up a repressive and corrupt border checkpoint. In this context, Aurora Lucena, the widow of a soldier who got killed on a confusing episode under that bridge, goes out to find witnesses with the hope his husband’s case is sent to trial. Eduardo Petta, a former Paraguayan prosecutor who stood against contraband and corruption on the bridge and was removed from office in a conflict that was never cleared, decides to go back to Encarnación and explain his kids what really happened. Ricardo de la Cruz Rodríguez, a Posadas lawyer who defends smugglers with anti-capitalist arguments, writes a report about the criminalization of poverty in the region for the Posadas Human Rights Ministry. The journeys of these three show how uncertain life is in that border region. This strongly narrative documentary is structured just like a multiple police investigation with a great follow-up work, and becomes an effective portrait of several unfair situations.

Date and Times

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