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Film info: Videograms of a Revolution

Film Information

Original Title Videograms of a Revolution
English Title Videograms of a Revolution
Directors Andrei Ujica
Harun Farocki
Year 1992
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 106 min
  • Thomas Schultz
  • Gión: Harun Farocki, Andrei Ujica
  • Montaje: Egon Bunne
  • Producción: Harun Farocki


The autumn of 1989 is fixed in our memories as a series of visual events: Prague, Berlin, Bucharest. Judging by the images, History had returned. We were watching revolutions. And it was Romania, with its unity of time and place, which delivered the most complete scenario of a revolution. Everything happened in just ten days and in just two cities: the uprising of the people, the overturning of power, the execution of the rulers. After initial disturbances in Timisoara, the final overthrow took place in Bucharest: in the capital and in front of the cameras. The television station was occupied by demonstrators, stayed on air for around 120 hours and so established a new historical site: the television studio. In addition, the events were recorded by amateur video enthusiasts as well as cameramen from the state film industry. The XXth century is filmic. But it is only with the advent of the video camera and the increased possibilities for lengthy and mobile recording it offers that the process of the filmification of History can be completed. Assuming History takes place at all.

Date and Times

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