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Film info: FUBAR: Gods of Blunder

Film Information

Original Title FUBAR: Gods of Blunder
English Title FUBAR: Gods of Blunder
Director Michael Dowse
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 86 min
  • David Lawrence, Paul Spence, Terra Hazelton, Andrew Sparacino
  • Guión: Michael Dowse
  • Fotografía: Bobby Shore
  • Montaje: Reginald Harkema
  • Producción: Michael Dowse, David Lawrence, Paul Spence, George Baptist, Shirley Vercruysse, Jennifer Wilson


Apart from the acronym “Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition”, FUBAR is also Michael Dowse’s debut film, a mockumentary about the crazy life of two heavy metal fans, and a cult classic in Canada. And since there’s still enough hair to grow and beer cans to puncture on the base, this marks the return of Terry and Dean, a genetically improbable and comically irresistible result of the formula ([Wayne and Garth + Beavis and Butthead] x Dumb and Dumber). Constantly out of control, they find out rather late that the money for their party life is running out. So, they are forced to enter the work universe, not before setting a new record for the number of times “fuck” is said on a film. But money, as everyone knows, works against happiness: Terry starts a relationship as serious as dysfunctional; Dean stays alone on his rocker path of self-destruction and only detours for some ridiculous attempts to rip off his medical insurance. The two inseparable buddies split up. Will they ever reunite? FUBAR II puts a deep voice and sings to celebrate friendship among manly men in the delightful slang of the hoser tribe, and with pumped up volume. And it sounds great.

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