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Film info: Tilva Ros

Film Information

Original Title Tilva Ros
English Title Tilva Ros
Director Nikola Lezaic
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 99 min
  • Marko Todorovic, Stefan Djordjevic, Dunja Kovacevic, Marko Milenkovic, Nenad Stanisavljevic
  • Guión: Nikola Lezaic
  • Fotografía: Milos Jacimovic
  • Montaje: Nikola Lezaic
  • Producción: Uros Tomic, Mina Dukic, Nikola Lezaic


A devastated Balkan region that was once a prosperous mining area unexpectedly became a perfect ramp for a group of skaters. Toda and Stefan are some of the young Serbians who move on wheels through an area that still carries the traces of past times: a post-war feel crossing the landscape like a scar. A teenage phase and a friendship seem to vanish at the same time, cornering the lead characters just as hardly as the political dimension they wish to avoid. From a visual amplitude capable of including Jackass-like home videos to a documentary approach with spontaneous and precise choreographies involving both the territory and the characters, Nikola Lezaic’s debut film grows as it observes the confusion within today’s adolescence through a contemporary realist eye that performs a personal synthesis of regional culture and global connection with no tics or direct references.


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