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Film info: La Vie au Ranch

Film Information

Original Title La Vie au Ranch
English Title Chicks
Director Sophie Letourneur
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Sarah Jane Sauvegrain, Eulalie Juster, Mahaut Mollaret, Elsa Pierret, Jade Tong Cuong
  • Guón: Sophie Letourneur, Delphine Agut
  • Fotografía: Claire Mathon, Tom Harari
  • Montaje: Michel Klochendler
  • Producción: Emmanuel Chaumet


The “Ranch” is the Paris apartment shared by twenty year-old girls Pam and Manon, and yet they’re not alone there. Lola, Chloé, Jude and Olympe hang out there all the time, squeezing into the couch to do what girls from Paris and many other cities do: drink, smoke, dance, and chat. Especially chat; before, during, and after parties that are so common they feel as one single long celebration (and a single, long hangover) where the girls torrentially talk their voices off about their bodies, men, and nonsense. In her very free debut film, Sophie Letourneur refreshes the French habit of endless dialogues and makes them sound almost like a background music for a strict view of femininity, or rather of the dynamics of a group of women on the turning point from one age to the next. With a restless camera, Chicks makes an ultra-realist story, half way between chick-flicks and documentary ethnography, and as someone has said “it manages to make something clear about a very specific age without saying it”.

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