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Film info: En el futuro

Film Information

Original Title En el futuro
English Title In the Future
Director Mauro Andrizzi
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 62 min
  • Luis Machín, Sergio Boris, Lorena Damonte, Carlos Defeo, Débora Dejtiar
  • Guión: Mauro Andrizzi
  • Fotografía: Emiliano Cativa
  • Montaje: Francisco Vázquez Murillo
  • Producción: Mauro Andrizzi


After a long sequence of unbridled kisses, this film stops. Image as action is detained together with its chances of being part of any story. Now, the images and the story are separated, they belong to different, irreconcilable worlds. Their encounters and distances will only be the result of a reconstructive work set on an errant path. Characters on the screen talk about love and indifference in different ways; their empty present is all they have, and they remain there still. Love is spoken in the past tense, and is awaited in the future. Sentimental events become words, and these are the ones remaining, those which can be reproduced over and over again, loosing details, trying to get together with their physical form; but all they can be are zombie gestures, shadows, and eternal ghosts moving through a cinematographic space which doesn’t exist anymore. That’s what En el futuro is about: stripped, endless spaces filtered through the colors from cinema’s past set on a digital emulation, the non-colors and texture of a record of some extinct verbal time.


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