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Film info: Os monstros

Film Information

Original Title Os monstros
English Title The Monsters
Director Guto Parente & Luiz Pretti & Pedro Diogenes & Ricardo Pretti
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 81 min
  • Luiz Pretti, Natasha Faria, Pedro Diogenes, Guto Parente, Ythallo Rodrigues
  • Director: Guto Parente, Luiz Pretti, Pedro Diogenes, Ricardo Pretti
  • Guión: Guto Parente, Luiz Pretti, Pedro Diogenes, Ricardo Pretti
  • Fotografía: Ivo Lopes Araujo, Victor De Melo
  • Producción: Carol Louise


On their first film Estrada para Ythaca, this group of actor/filmmakers (or rather, directors who save themselves part of the cast) had expressed the state of Brazilian cinema as a crossroads they had to go through with resignation. Cinema –or simply, the specifics of art in general– is again an issue in their second film: it’s the thing they do not wish to comment on, so they pass it on directly to the spectators. The Pretti twins are now musicians, although whoever listens to them will have the right to question whether that thing they’re playing on their instruments is music or not. In any case, their life seems to accumulate every common place there is when portraying a misunderstood artist…or maybe they’re just part of a group of friends who enjoy getting drunk and cause an impression at parties. Or maybe both. They themselves are probably not sure which. But since they are the film’s directors, this question underlies in every shot.


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