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Film info: Sipo'hi - El lugar del manduré

Film Information

Original Title Sipo'hi - El lugar del manduré
English Title Manduré Place
Director Sebastián Lingiardi
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 70 min
  • Gustavo Salvatierra, Félix Segundo.
  • G: María Paz Bustamante
  • F: Sebastián Lingiardi
  • E: Sebastián Lingiardi
  • P: María Paz Bustamante, Sebastián Lingiardi


In his previous film, Las pistas - Lanhoyij - Nmitaxanaxac, Lingiardi and scriptwriter María Paz Bustamante made a smart use of the wichi and toba cultures to build a story of spies and false identities, and provided those “others” constantly ignored by national culture with a new cinematographic presence. Now, with Sipo'hi, they strip away their cinema and remove its fictional layers, but only to find many other fictions: the stories told by the aboriginal cultures themselves, a series of legends that form the core of the film. Looking for some peace and quiet, Gustavo Salvatierra goes back to Sipo'hi, his hometown in the “Impenetrable” region of Chaco, to listen and gather those stories that for years have been passed on orally from one generation to the next. Faced with them, the protagonist –as well as the spectators– will discover a surprising way to experience and see life and nature, from a perspective that is both familiar and strange.

Date and Times

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