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Film info: La pileta

Film Information

Original Title La pileta
English Title The pool
Director Matias Bringeri
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 63 min
  • Alfredo Brezina, Diego Pujol, Osvaldo Lodovico, Santander Silgado, Gastón Gaibrois
  • Guión: Matías Bringeri
  • Fotografía: Matías Bringeri
  • Montaje: Matías Bringeri
  • Producción: Matías Bringeri


By definition, hobbies are a lateral, purely recreational aspect in people’s lives. Even when most of the times the passion people put on their development –sometimes through many years– contradicts its minor role. La pileta focuses on three people who form a group of naval modeling enthusiasts who get together to make their model ships sail on a fountain in a Buenos Aires park. There, they meet other people who share (and reject) the same hobby. Similar to a deadpan comedy with an open eye for details and situations that end up creating a parallel and personal world, Matías Bringeri’s debut film builds a solid perspective with only a few elements and an artisan’s precision, and it lives up to its characters: three passionate men who go from clumsiness and everyday absurdity to a touching, devoted surrender to their own minimal epic, and for whom they still haven’t invented a scale that could measure their condensed greatness.

Date and Times

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