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Film info: Hoy no tuve miedo

Film Information

Original Title Hoy no tuve miedo
English Title Today I Felt No Fear
Director Iván Fund
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 120 min
  • Araceli Castellano, Belén Werbach, Marianela Castellano, Lilian Keller, Hugo Fund.
  • Guión: Iván Fund
  • Fotografía: Iván Fund, Eduardo Crespo
  • Montaje: Lorena Moriconi, Iván Fund
  • Producción: Iván Fund, Eduardo Crespo, Gabriel Zaragoza, Iván Eibuszyc


Hoy no tuve miedo is the first solo film by Iván Fund following that successful and unique experience made with Santiago Loza and called The Lips. However, the term “solo” clashes with the spirit of Hoy no tuve miedo, a film about friendships, families, and bonds, including the ones of those making the film. They are featured in the second part, which experiments with the same tremor or distancing from fiction that was also present with a very different style in Pere Portabella’s Vampir-Cuadecuc. The beautiful title in Fund’s ambitious yet warm film is surely related to having company, with belonging to a thread of people one is close with. The first part’ story of sisters Ara and Marian, their friend Belén and her little dog Lulú, is joined in the next one by a group of workers, kids, dogs, parties –lots of parties, in which Fund finds some of the best moments of his film– empty fields, and the film crew, all within a system where a realist eye converges with a lyrical spirit. Hoy no tuve miedo focuses on that existence called everyday life. Its characters not only act well: they breathe, they’re alive.

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