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Film info: Pequeñas voces

Film Information

Original Title Pequeñas voces
English Title Little Voices
Director Jairo Eduardo Carrillo
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Duration 75 min
  • Guión: Jairo Eduardo Carrillo, Oscar Andrade
  • Montaje: Juan Felipe Orozco, Carlos Esteban Orozco, Daniel Camilo Gómez, Ricardo Garcia
  • Producción: Jairo Eduardo Carrillo, Oscar Andrade


“If we heard the children we could silence the bullets”, is one of the mottos of the Colombian Human Rights Commission. Inspired by that conviction and his experience in working with displaced children (there are millions of them) Jairo Carrillo extends and adds a third dimension to his awarded 2003 short film to give a voice to the smallest victims from the everlasting conflict between the army, the guerrilla and the paramilitary. Four kids between 9 and 12 years-old explain how their life was in the Colombian interior and how violence has pushed them towards Bogotá. Margarita’s dad was kidnapped; Pepito’s family was forced to leave their home; Jhon lost a hand and a leg; Juanito was tricked into fighting in the jungle. While voices build a tragic and dark choral story, their testimonies are illustrated with drawings made by themselves and animated with a surprising variety of techniques. The film shows all that without taking any side other than arguing for family love and calling to end all violence. As one of the kids say, “any armed man inspires fear”.

Date and Times

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