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Film info: Amor robot

Film Information

Original Title Amor robot
English Title Robot Love
Director Nicolás Branca
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 50 min
  • Cecilia Sánchez, Daniel Jorysz, Victoria Césperes, Lucas Arismendi, Damián Coalla
  • Guión: Nicolás Branca
  • Fotografía: Martín Barrenechea
  • Montaje: Nicolás Branca, Martín Barrenechea
  • Producción: Nicolás Branca, Martín Barrenechea


This medium length film by Uruguayan director Nicolas Branca portrays a work day in the life of a young secretary who’s involved in an obsessive relationship with her boss; a bond as common as indescribable, which the young filmmaker observes with an estranged and absolutely perplexed eye. The workday we witness is filled with misunderstandings, jealousy, a bit of sex, a bit of violence, hopes and their following frustrations, all happening on regular intervals. As the hours pass by the secretary’s constantly growing stubbornness ends up turning against her: instead of getting her closer to her object of desire, it dooms her to an eternal return to the same situation as hilarious as absurd. With an austere setting, Amor robot reveals in plain sight the mechanics of its storytelling with the intelligence of someone who knows how to pursue something to the last consequences.

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