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Film info: Run Sister Run!

Film Information

Original Title Run Sister Run!
English Title Run Sister Run!
Director Marja Pyykkö
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 112 min
  • Ada Kukkonen, Sara Melleri.
  • Guión: Laura Suhonen, Marja Pyykkö
  • Fotografía: Konsta Sohlberg
  • Montaje: Mikko Sippola
  • Producción: Markus Selin, Jukka Helle, Piia Nokelainen


When does a nice girl –who helps around the house and takes care of her younger sister–, becomes an angry, rebel and troubled adolescent? That breaking point has been already addressed in cinema in many different ways: in Run Sister Run! we’re told that Emilia’s change takes place when she becomes friends with the constantly euphoric Siiri. When they meet, Emilia’s world will change: Emilia and Siiri will always be moving, making crazy and absurd plans, shouting all the time with a bombastic energy that’s typical of teenagers. They’ll steel things and run through the mall, to escape the people chasing them but also just for the adrenaline rush. Their constant motion is shown as an euphoric form of happiness; and like any euphoria, is followed by a tough meeting with reality. One of the merits in this coming of age story is that it doesn’t stress either of the extremes; there’s a tone that’s light but not frivolous, fast but without any unnecessary dizziness. The welcomed result is a paradox: a moving and reasonable film with serene beauty about a few bursts of euphoria and boiling hormones.

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